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    No Work Experience - How to write an effective resume

    No work experience? How to write an effective resume

    “I need experience to get a job but I need a job to get experience.” We all have been there. But in both conditions the most important thing we need is a “resume”. Just because you do not  have work experience or some of the skills, does not mean you can’t have a convincing resume.

    But how to write a resume if you do not have work experience? Well, there is no need to panic because in this article I am going to tell you about it. So let’s get started: 

    Resume format
    Resume format is very important as should be chosen wisely. These days functional, chronological, and hybrid (a combination of former two) are most widely used.
    Chronological resume format: in which work experience is written in reverse-chronological order.

    Functional resume format:
    In which main achievements and skills of the candidate are highlighted instead of work experience. In that case functional resume format can a good option for those having no or little work experience. Most employers prefer chronological or hybrid resume format. No matter which format you choose make sure that your whole document follows that format.

    An objective statement
    In objective statement of resume mostly a person talks about his goals and what he wishes to achieve in life, but this is not the case anymore. Because your main focus should what you can give your employer not what he can provide you. A summary or objective statement should be about who you are professionally. It consists of one or two sentences and is on the top of the page. It gives your first impression and encourages the employer to keep reading. Make a list of your achievements It will really helpful in making resume. Before you start, make a whole list of everything you have achieved so far. From this list then narrow down achievements that you can actually write in resume. Different things are relevant to different jobs you might want to apply for. So when you are going to send resume, choose most relevant things, write them on resume and then send. 

    Highlight skills and education
    You do not have work experience so you need to focus on your skills and education. Think about what you can do well that this job needs? what of your skills are useful to get hired by the company? What are some projects you have done in school and can prove helpful in job too? it is a bit easier if you have completed college with specialized education. If you are a high school graduate you can talk about your electives, why did you choose them and what you have
    learned so far. 

    Paid or unpaid internship you have done during collage are perfect weapons against “experience needed.” These internship not only give real world experience but also an excellent way to make connections and broader your social circle that can then helpful in putting you in a job. Make sure to list any internship you have done so far on your resume. if you haven’t done any; apply for one before you apply for a job. 

    Volunteer works and extracurricular activities
    According to survey it was concluded that employers in addition to paid work experience also consider volunteer work experience. So make sure to list any volunteer work you have done that highlights your skills and talents on your resume. Include hobbies which have equipped you with some transferrable skills and are relevant to the job. 

    Cover letter
    It is not necessary but leaves a good impression is you send a cover letter along with your resume. In a cover letter your personality comes out. So you need to convince your employer why you are a perfect candidate for the current job, why he should hire you. Even if your resume does not have very impressive information, your cover letter can convince an employer to call you for an interview.

    Things not to mention
    There are several elements that you must include in your resume but there are also a few things that you must avoid as these are just a waste of space, not relevant to job and can also ruin your image. This list consist of writing samples, your pictures (unless you are applying for acting or modeling), and references. Never list these things on your resume unless your employer asks to provide them. Moreover never use unprofessional email address in your resume. For instance, it may seem fabulous as a teen but not now. You can create a new professional email address using various platforms like Gmail etc.

    After you have listed all the information, make sure to proof read it. pay attention to small technical details and remove if there are any grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors.  These can make your resume look unprofessional. You cannot afford a missing word or typo in your resume. proof read yourself and then ask a friend to proofread your resume so that chance of errors are minimum.

    Customize resume
    Creating an impressive resume is necessary but it is even more important to customize it for every job you want to apply. Different jobs have different duties listed; require different skills and so on. Appealing to every employer’s and job needs is an excellent strategy to make your resume noticed. This leaves an impression that you have detailed knowledge of the job, your duties and are serious about it.

    In the end honestly there is not a particular formula to create a remarkable resume. The perfect resume is the one that gets you the job. Make sure to update your resume even when you are employed. I would suggest you to utilize hybrid resume and if you do not have any work experience focus on your education and skills. Make sure to list any relevant project or extracurricular activities you have been a part of and your internships. Soon you will get your desired job and will gain enough experience to move to a better job.