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    Interview Tips - Do's and Dont's

    Interviews? Tip, dos and don’ts

    No doubt interview plays an important role in determining whether you will get the job or not. A strong interview can prove helpful in securing desired position at a dream company. The more confident and prepared you are, it will bring better outcomes. 

    As a job candidate you have two main goals, first to impress employer and make him realize that you are perfect candidate for the job with excellent skills. Second, to know about the employer. Even if you are unemployed, still you will never want to accept a job that can be a nightmare for you.

    On the other hand employers have two goals, first they want to make sure that you are qualified enough for the job. Second, whether you will fit in the organization or not.  For an employer your interview is a sample of work product you will provide. Here are some

    Do’s and Don’ts for a successful job interview:


    Show respect
    Make sure not to take this opportunity for granted. Show respect for employer and for this job opportunity. There is not rocket science to do so, all you need is to dress appropriately and  prepare for interview. Make sure to arrive early. Show respect to everyone you interact at the organization.

    Know the job
    It is good to bring job description copy while going for interview. Before interview carefully read whole description and requirements mentioned. Don’t share irrelevant accomplishments make sure to share recent ones.

    Research the employer
    If you don’t know anything about employer, it can be difficult for you to impress him during interview. He can give you really tough time. Make sure to do research on employer, know what organization does and how.

    Bring relevant documents
    Make sure to bring copies of your resume and all relevant documents. If appropriate also keep list of references to give to interviewers. Also exchange business cards with interviewers.


    Do not lie
    Lying about anything leaves a question mark on your credibility. We can access all information online today so if you misrepresent something you will be in trouble. A lot of employers double check the provided information so, do not risk it.

    Trashing previous employers is never helpful
    You need to be honest in your interview and trashing previous or current employer will never leave a good impression. Saying anything negative about them is deadly. Talk about positive  aspects of your job and people worked with you.

    Do not use your phone
    During interview you have to be attentive. Focus on what employer is saying or talking about. Do not use smart phone during interview as it will convey a message that you are a careless person who can’t focus.

    Do not ask questions (irrelevant)
    By this I mean there is no need to ask questions about drug test or background checks. It will make you look mysterious in a bad way. You can ask about content requirements, or how it works if you are negotiating for the job.

    How to answer some important questions?
    Interviewers must ask questions like “What is your biggest weakness” and “where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years”. These are two very important questions to answer rightly in an  interview. It will give a message that you know your problems, have an action plan to deal with them and are conscious about your future. Let me share some useful tips on how you should answer these questions.

    The right way of answering, “What is your biggest weakness?”

    Here are some examples of weaknesses you can mention during your interview:

    You can say, “My biggest weakness is that I focus too much on details”. Being detail oriented is a really good thing. It can send a message that there will not be even minor mistakes in your projects. But it can be a weakness if you are too much into details. So you can use your weakness as a weapon to secure your dream job.

    You can say, “I can’t say, no”. Helping colleagues is a good quality but if you help others too much they can start taking advantage of you. Also share about how you are working on this habit. 

    You can say, “It is not easy for me to ask for help”. Well it is also a good quality that you try your best to do things on your own and are very responsible person. But it can be also weakness as we don’t always know what to do. Still you can explain how beneficial it is to be independent.

    How to answer “Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?”

    When an employer asks you this question there might be certain things running in your mind.

    For instance, “improving ranks”, “working for myself” or you might think “in your job”. Well these are not right answer and it would be really bad if you say it out loud. It is a trick question so you have to answer properly. The best thing is you can tell truth and till tell them what they want to know. If you are interviewing for your dream position answer is simple. Think about where this position can take you professionally and realistically, and then prepare your answer accordingly.
    If you are joining a position temporarily make sure not to mention it. Employer wants to know how much serious you are regarding the job. If you are not serious and looking for something else you will be blacklisted immediately because an employer would never want to invest time and resources on training a person who is not even serious about the job.

    You have to work on your resume if you want job interview, but you really have to work on your interview if you want to get the job. Prepare yourself before interview and practice some common questions asked in interviews with a friend. Keep in mind your first impression is very important and your selection is based on it.